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FM+ Software
The FM+ Software performs wide band stereo FM demodulation with RDS decoding of the tuned signal with overall features which are similar to the Perseus software application. The selectivity filter operates at 500 kS/s with a maximum IF bandwidth of 400 kHz and can be narrowed down to 20 kHz for FM DX operations.
Three spectral views are available: RF (RF spectrum view, like in the Perseus software, MUX (demodulated stereo multiplex) and RDS (showing the RDS signal spectrum if present). Shown RDS informations are station name, program type and PI code.

FM+ Software v1.0c (5 October 2011 - 2.24 MB .zip file)
You will need the activation code printed on the original CD to activate your copy (requires registration and the FM+ converter if used either than in playback mode).
FM+ Converter
FM+ is a 87.5÷108 MHz broadcast band converter expressely designed for the Perseus receiver.
It features a very good dynamic range which perfectly matches the Perseus receiver.
The converter is equipped with a control software application suited for FM DXers needs.
The FM+ is equipped with an internal antenna switch for direct connection to an HF antenna when the converter is not used.
Tuning Range:
Noise Figure:
Gain Flatness:
Image Rejection:

Input P1:
Input IP3:
Clipping Level:
Voltage Supply:
Current Sink:
LO-FM Input Feedthrough:
HF In to RF Out Isolation:
Operating Temperature Range:

87.5 ÷ 108 MHz
9 dB
±1dB typ. (converter only)
80 dB (52 ÷ 70 MHz)
>60 dB (70 ÷ 72.5 MHz)
-5 dBm typ.
+8 dBm typ.
-17 dBm (Perseus attenuator set to 0 dB)
+12 ÷ +13.6 V
0.25 A
better than -65 dBm
better than 90 dB (0 ÷ 30 MHz)
+5 ÷ 40 °C

Technical Specifications (*)

(*) All specifications refer to the overall receiving system (FM+ and Perseus SDR) if not specified otherwise.