The Digimit 2002 Transmitter

The DIGIMIT 2002 All Digital HF SSB/CW Transmitter

and made
in Italy

Microtelecom s.r.l. - ss 352 Km.3,600 - 33050 Pavia di Udine (UD), Italy - Tel. +39 432 655213 - Fax. +39 432 655214

Welcome to QRP Digital Radios!

The Microtelecom Digimit 2002  transmitter exploits 'state of the art' digital modulation and synthesis from microphone up to RF.
Featuring an all digital design thought for radio amateurs and
equipped with a 100% duty cycle 10Wpep RF power amplifier, the Digimit 2002 transmitter offers top class performances to QRP enthusiasts at a very reasonable cost.

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The Digimit 2002  is based on Gate Array Signal Processing! The HF SSB/CW signal is digitally synthesized in a single  programmable logic IC.
There are no balanced modulators to trim, no ripply cristal filters, no VCOs to adjust, no PLLs to lock: you may expect that the Digimit 2002 transmitter will mantain its high performance unchanghed for a life time. Guaranteed!

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The Digimit 2002 Instruction Manual

Discover all the unique features of the Digimit 2002 transmitter. We have prepared a detailed instruction manual which gives all the informations that will help you operating and understanding the Digimit 2002.
Technical specifications, front panel controls and switches, rear panel connections, circuit description, block and schematic diagrams, maintenance and alignment are all described with detail.  Download the manuals here.

Inside the Digimit 2002

Are you interested in the implementation details of the Digimit 2002 SSB/CW digital modulator/synthesizer? Would you simply give a look to what hides inside it and understand how (and how much well) it works? Would you just like to learn more about digital signal processing, software defined radios and hardware, FPGAs, SoCs, CORDICs computers or CICs filters?  Here you can find some technical papers and links regarding the subject.

Additional informations and support

Additional informations, questions and answers about the Digimit 2002 transmitter may be found in the FAQs page or in the Digimit 2002 email list.

For technical support via telephone and/or  the Internet you may contact us here.