The DIGIMIT 2002 HF SSB/CW Transmitter

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the more common questions we have collected up to now. We will add more as we receive them.

(Q) Is the Digimit 2002 transmitter available as a kit?
(A) Not yet, sorry, but we would like it were. The Digimit 2002 uses SMT parts and some of them are fine pitched integrated circuit which are very difficult to solder by hands.Someone suggested that we could provide a kit with a partially assembled main board and we have still to decide if we should follow this way or provide a kit with a completely assembled and tested main board.

(Q) Do you plan a companion receiver for the Digimit 2002?
(A) Yes. We are already working on a almost totally digital receiver which will complete the HF products line.

(Q) What sort of duty cycle is possible with continuous input such as RTTY or PSK31?
(A) 100 % transmit duty cycle is supported with antenna SWR lower than 2:1 and room temperature less than 40°C.

(Q) Does the Digimit 2002 remote control interface connect directly to the PC serial port?
(A) No. The remote control interface is not RS-232. Details concerning the electrical interface and the protocols to be used will be published soon.

(Q) Is the Digimit 2002 core upgradable to new versions when they will be available?
(A) Yes. The transmitter is equipped with a socketed 8 pins DIL serial ROM which contains the configuration data for the programmable logic core and which can be easily substituted with a newer version.

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